Basic Definitions
The following statistics are common to all characters. They form the basic abilities of character, by creating Dice Pools.

  • Dice Pool: A Dice Pool is a number of dice that you roll to see if you succeed at an action. A Dice Pool is generally made up of an Attribute + a Skill, and possibly a supernatural Power -- Vampire Discipline, Mage Sphere, Werewolf Gnosis or Rage. Basic rules can be found here: The Basics - Rolling Dice

  • Attributes: These are your basic characteristics, they define how strong, agile, smart, witty, charismatic, and resolute your character is. Attributes form the core of most Advantages and dice pools.

  • Skills: These represent your character's knowledge and training. Each covers a general area of ability, some narrow, some broader. The list next to each Skill shows the kinds of things that Skill can be used for.

  • Advantages: These are special stats which are derived from certain Attributes and Skills. They determine various things about your character, such as how far they can move in a turn, and certain dice pools and modifiers. They are figured by adding the listed stats together.

  • Merits: These are perks that your character may take to boost you in certain areas, and are divided into three categories. Physical Merits are generally about combat, chases, and similar activities. Social Merits deal with interacting with others, be it a web of contacts, or a large bank account. Mental Merits generally deal with special training of some kind.

These are your basic defining characteristics, they define how strong, or agile, or charismatic and the like your character is, and will give the core points for rolling dice pools. Dice pools are generally an Attribute plus a Skill, and possibly a Supernatural Stat (Discipline, Sphere, etc).

Each Attribute starts at 1.
Distribute 7 more points as you wish.
No Attribute can be raised higher than 4 points at this stage.

Attribute Characteristics
- Muscle Mass, Fitness, Resilience. Helps in hand-to-hand combat, determines Health points.
- Agility, Grace, Reflexes. Helps in Defense, Initiative, and many physical tasks.
- Book Smarts, Memory, Problem Solving. Helps with mental skills and powers.
- Persuasiveness, Assertiveness, Dignity. Helps with social skills and powers.
- Awareness, Coordination, Quick Thinking. Helps with Defense, Perception, and ranged combat.
- Patience, Concentration, Determination. Provides Resistance to supernatural powers.

These are your character's knowledges and training. They are all cover a rough area, some narrow, some broader. The list of Specialties next to each skill shows the areas the skill governs.

Distribute 14 dots among Skills.
All Skills start at 0 dots (unskilled) by default; no Skill can be raised higher than 3 dots at this stage.
Each character type has a few Skill requirements, generally as part of a mortal Profession, a vampire's Clan, a werewolf's Auspice, or a mage's Tradition.

Skill Areas of Expertise
Alertness - Initiative, Investigation, Perception.
Athletics - Acrobatics, Climbing, Grappling, Jumping, Throwing.
- Calming Emotions, Detecting Lies, Intuiting Motives.
- Art, Dance, Music, Oratory, Writing.
- Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Bows, Crossbows.
- Alarm Systems, Breaking and Entering, Lock Picking, Sleight of Hand.
- Brawling, One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons.
- Esoteric Medicine, Vampires, Werewolves, Mages and Sorcerers.
- Fast Talking, Intimidation, Seduction, Subterfuge.
- Modern Medicine, Chemistry, Forensics, Physics, Mathematics.
- Hiding, Moving Quietly, Shadowing, Blending In.
- Computers, Electronics, Engineering, Cryptography.

Advantages are various rolls and abilities that are derived from Attributes and Skills. Use the following formulas to figure Advantages.

  • Size: 5
  • Health: Size + Strength

  • Initiative: Dexterity + Alertness
  • Defense: Dexterity + Wits
  • Resistance: Resolve (+ Supernatural Potency)
  • Perception: Wits + Alertness

  • Melee (Armed or Unarmed): Strength + Melee (vs. target's Defense)
  • Ranged: Wits + Firearms
  • Thrown: Dexterity + Athletics (vs. target's Defense)

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