Basic Lore Rundown for Superstition Valley

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on: April 03, 2019, 02:34:19 AM
The overall world setting was from the "End of Times" before World of Darkness did its full reboot. It ended up being like a y2k or 2012 scare. None of the big badies woke up and it was all hype. The avatar storm passed and its all safe for mages again. After that things entered a lull, and things went mostly status quo. The time line was moved up to match the current year and date. The only major event to happen was the Tremere chantry in Vienna was destroyed, by forces unknown [not the new inquisition of V5].

For the city specifically Phoenix was held by the Camarilla, and the Sabbat invaded to help them move into the United States again. The invasion lasted a few days starting small initially,  with a major push early taking out the Prince and several Primogen in Elysium one night. This swapped things to more a guerrilla war lead by the Sherriff and the remaining hounds. About this time a large group of Anarchs were passing through Phoenix on their way to California,  and the Sabbat hit them thinking they were Camarilla reinforcements. This lead to a quick evening of the battle. Another set back hit the Sabbat when they accidentally hit a Glasswalker safe house, this caused the Garou to declare war in retaliation. During this time several Mages used the ensuing chaos to settle some old grudges as well. This had the effect of spilling over breaking the masquerade in many places again and again.

Then on the final day of the chaos it simply ended. At the end of the night approximately 95% of the supernaturals in the city were dead,  with nobody entirely sure who or what did it. Now all the Major factions are sitting back unsure if its safe to renter,  or the sign of something even worse about to happen. So they are holding back. Individuals are trickling back in the city for various reasons. Finding old friends or enemies, getting answers, recovering items from the dead, personal power and territory, hiding from enemies, and the like. The city is effectively a free city now, with nobody at all in charge.

This setting was all created to free the core forcing apart of people in the WoD setting and allow people the opportunity to RP with who they want vs forced segmentation. Certain events might be segmented some, but that is for story reasons. This will allow the players to then form their own factions.

Do they want to bring the Sabbat to the city? Try to be Prince and return the city to the Camarilla? Form their own packs of Garou and other Fera? The choices and options are up to the players.
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What Vampires Know

They know the city was originaly controlled by the Camarilla,  with a small group of Anarchs.  The two groups had an uneasy peace.  The city was ruled by a Tremere prince. The main clans in the Camarilla were the Tremere,  Toreador and Ventrue, With the Sheriff being  Gangrel and his hounds were composed mostly of Brujah and Gangrel. Then the Sabbat started invading the city,  and that is the initial trigger for everything that happened. All the vampire leadership and control of the city was destroyed during the invasion and purge. Nobody knows who caused the purge. Currently,  No Vampires rule the city. Once Elysium is opened,  all vampires will know the location.
Places to avoid - The Canyon. Traditionally has a strong Garou presence,  but they have been quiet as well after the purge.
                              The Junkyard. Had a Garou presence before the purge and still seems to.
                              The Church. Holy ground and hard to be around.
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What  Shifters Know

The Garou mostly kept to the Canyon region and the Caern there. It was mostly made up Uktena and Wendigo tribes. There were two notable enclaves in the city. One Glasswalker and one Bone Gnawer. They were dragged into the conflict by the vampires attacking the Bone Gnawer's kinfolk in the slums. This pulled in the rest as they saw it as an act of war. During the purge both city Enclaves were wiped out, and the Caern was sealed to protect it. They aren't sure who launched the purge,  but it was Weaver tainted. Currently the Caern is mostly guarded externally by kinfolk and a handful of Uktena and Wendigo, but accept any Shifter who wishes to help guard it. A lone Bone Gnawer has reclaimed the Junkyard and guards it.
Places to avoid - Downtown. Traditionally has a strong Vampire presence.
                              The Slums. Was an Uneasy peace with the Vampires. Each leaving the other alone.

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What Mages Know

They know the city was mostly controlled by the vampires,  and had a strong Technocracy presence. The Traditions were mainly focused on the Celestial Chorus in the church. The Dreamspeakers have had traditional connections and contact with the Uktena and their kinfolk in the canyon. There was also a sizeable Son's of Ether in the city as well. They know the vampires started the conflict that led to the purge, and that it was the Technocracy who instrumented it,  but nobody guessed how strong they were in the city. They have two traditional safe havens in the city,  the church and the magic shop, as well as the Chantry when its unsealed.

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What Humans Know.

The humans have been the vast majority of the population but also entirely oblivious to the reality of the world they live in. During the lead up to the purge,  there was reports of massive increases in gang violence and a blood feud with a Mexican cartel trying to move in and take over the cities drug and criminal activities. This prompted the FBI,  BTAF, and Homeland Security to move into the city in force and help put an end to the activities. When it was all done they mostly left leaving only token clean up agents to finish cataloging and processing evidence. Another strange effect of the crime war and federal intervention,  the city seems strangely rudderless.


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