Superstition Valley Teleport System

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on: February 27, 2019, 09:32:25 AM
Welcome to the Superstition Valley Teleport System Instructions.

It is setup as to be as common sense and organic as possible.  Using Bus Stops,  Manhole Covers,  Tunnels and the like to allow for fast travel around the sim. We will show the item and then list the places it will link to.

Bus Stops

These will link to the Landing Zone,  Canyon,  Slums,  East and West Downtown.

Manhole covers

These will link between  Downtown and the Slums down to the Sewer System.


These will link from the Sewers back up to Downtown and the Slums.


These will link Downtown to The Mage Chantry house and Vampire Elysium.


These connect the Canyon,  Slums,  and link to the Downtown

We ask if you are exploring a place your character can't get to or is a faction Specific area that you please put an OOC tag on.  Example human in the Vampire Elysium or Umbra. If you have any questions or want a tour or more in depth explanation or tour,  feel free to ask a Staff member.

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